About LFCwallpapers

Once upon a time there was hard to find good Liverpool
wallpapers which Siggi Reynis liked. He started to
design his own Liverpool wallpapers. He gave his
Liverpool friends these wallpapers and later on other
Liverpool fans who he met in the local pub “Ölver,

This started to be very popular amongst other Liverpool fans
in Iceland. He began to receive many comments and requests
from them. They where always asking him about the next
wallpaper he would design. He started to send several
wallpapers each week to Liverpool supporters via

At the start of the year 2001 two enthusiastic Liverpool fans
were talking about starting a website which would offer
Liverpool wallpapers to Liverpool supporters.

The domain lfcwallpapers.com was bought in July 2001
and we started the the website at the beginning of the
2001-2002 season. We only targeted the Liverpool supporters
in Iceland, but soon we got other Liverpool supporters around
the world visiting the site. At first we only had wallpapers
in 1024×768 pixels resolution.

At the start of the season 2002-2003 we changed the layout
of the site and the language from Icelandic to English.
Because we want all Liverpool supporters around the
world to enjoy our wallpapers. We have also added other
wallpapers resolutions and now we have 3 sizes:

  • 800×600
  • 1024×768
  • 1200×1024

From season 2007-2008 LFCwallpapers.com has been down. The reason for this is mainly because of lose interest in building website from ground up. At the season 2007-2008 we had big plans of updating our site but they didn’t go as planed and the site slowly burn down, we stop inserting new wallpapers for our visitors.

But now few years later we are back. Now we want to bring LFCwallpapers.com back to life. We plan to use the time to start of the season 2012-2013 to develop our site and give our readers back our old wallpapers we had on our site. We will start our site from the season 2012-2013, but you can follow our development on the site and see what is happening.

LFCwallpapers team are looking forward to bring quality wallpapers to our readers and we want to thank very one for there support over the years.

LFCwallpapers Team
Jon Oli
Siggi Reynis